My husband and I have been gathering with a group of believers on Saturday evenings after hours in a coffee shop.

We have not defined ourselves according to church terms.  We aren’t a simple church, organic church, house church, church plant, wannabe church, bible study, postchurch, anti-church, alternative church, ideal church…whatever.

We are just some friends journeying together.  It has been interesting to watch the group develop without expectations and agendas dictating what it should be.

From a small group that were already sharing life together, the circle has expanded and relationships are growing and developing.  It has been really beautiful to watch people blossom in the simplicity of acceptance, inclusion, and encouragement.

Last night, I went directly from the “meeting” at the CLB to our gathering at the coffee shop, enjoying the beauty of the rainbow on my drive.

When I arrived, the fellowship and discussion was in full swing.  I smiled as I slipped into my chair among family, more grateful than ever for the faces sitting at the tables, from young adults to seniors, equally valued and engaged in hearing and learning from one another.

As the evening drew to a close, we were treated to a private performance by a worship trio that was passing through town.  They hauled in their instruments – cello, harp, dulcimer – and tuned up for a short acoustic set.  Amazing!

(not to name drop, but one of the guys toured with Rich Mullins)

This morning I smile again picturing this quaint coffee shop filled nearly to capacity – the beauty of the celtic sound of the musicians, the sweetness of the worship, the intimacy of the moment.

Spontaneous, serendipitous, almost like a rainbow.

10 thoughts on “Rainbows

  1. God’s fingerprints. Equal to such grandiose miracles as the parting of the Red Sea or the feeding of the five thousand to those who stand in need of His very intimate and personal touch. I am so encouraged for you that you sensed such a touch after enduring such a storm.

    I am just a wee bit jealous :)

  2. I’m sorry. But dontcha know ya gotta be in a building that says “church” in order to be a visible manifestation of the “church”. Meeting in private, hidden away in a coffee shop, why (sputter, sputter) that couldn’t possible be a visible manifestation of the Body of Christ. People might see you!

    God is Good! Wish Imbi and I could have been there with you. And. I really miss Rich.

  3. “Downpour” and “Rainbows” – sort of like spiritual bookends, and there’s been quite the story in the volumes between. Perhaps that space is almost full – time for a new book shelf?!

  4. Barricading the entrance and making people sign documents in the rain??? TOO MUCH!!!

    (Cultic Little Building indeed.)

    What a contrast to a group of friends gathering and sharing life together, nurturing one another along in their journeys.

  5. The evil part of me wants the goods on what the CLB did, but we don’t really need to know that. But what is good to know is that no matter how many times people try to kill Christ, crucify Him or fit Him in their box, He comes back to life, unstoppable and perfected in glory.

  6. Wow Grace,
    I love the way you lay things out for us. I think it’s awesome that you have this gathering of community.
    I also am a wee bit jealous :)
    Isn’t it really cool the way God will show us how much He cares for us?
    I think so, If not for those moments I probably would have given up long ago.

  7. I like the Saturday thing … and I also enjoy catching up with those from my CLB days, a neutral place and good food often leads to great conversation. rejecting the system without rejecting my friends is my aim.

  8. ken,
    God’s personal expressions of care certainly are as miraculous as the big stuff, and it’s always amazing to live in those moments when it is vivid.

    I know you’re just kidding. However, our group would not be acceptable by those who consider themselves ecclesiastically legitimate or pure. Like I said, whatever.

    I love the wording, spiritual bookends. To have the two juxtaposed directly in the same evening was significant.

    brother maynard,
    Yes, I would be very interested to hear the perspective and explanation of events from those who sat across the table. It is hard to imagine what they were thinking of this.

    The contrast between the two events was remarkable.

    I have no idea what God’s grace will look like for those still involved, but He does have a way of redeeming bad situations. This is evident in the lives of many who left that difficult situation.

    I almost ended the post with, “God must really love me.” But it seemed kind of sappy. :)

    That’s great that you can retain relationships. That has been the aim, where possible, in this situation too. However it is difficult because current members are discouraged from having outside relationships.

  9. These last two posts are exactly why I am glad you haven’t stopped blogging. They are real, honest and deeply hopeful. I truly hope to sit in the coffee shop with you all someday, just for short glimpse of your shared life. Beautiful!


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