8 thoughts on “When People Don’t Know What to Call You

  1. “So what do you call your meetings?”

    “Well, it’s not the Temple. And it’s not really a synagogue because we’ve been kicked out of the synagogue, and for the most part the synagogue represents an old paradigm. You know it’s no big deal. We just meet and people’s houses, or sometimes in the Temple grounds, or, you know, by a river or whatever. We just meet up, have a meal, talk about Jesus and stuff.”

    “You don’t have a name.”

    “Nah, they’re just gatherings. An ecclesia I suppose?”

    “That’s pretty mundane.”

    “Yeah, don’t want to give it a fancy word, it might institutionalize and then all the power hungry people will want to take over.”

    “So do you have priests or something?”

    “No. The wisest among us, spiritual elders, kind of have a practical authority, no real official role, just presbyters as the Greeks say. We have prophets, but they just speak up when the mood fits. We have people who are the point people for helping the poor and widows, real servants, so the Greeks tend to say deacons when talking about them, but they’re not really in charge, except when it comes to helping others. There are teachers and folks who seem good about helping the rest of us make our way along the Way, so to speak. Nothing official. You know how political the Temple and synagogues always seem to be. So, we’re just meeting, call it a meeting-together, and make sure we stay away from the lingo.”



  2. It has been good.

    Love the comment Patrick!

    People being aware of it and talking about it makes me a little skittish, but that’s just me.

    The coffee is great!

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