“The notion of a divinely ordained place of punishment for the wicked after death is deeply embedded in the Christian imagination. How should we think and talk about hell?” A common assumption of life and the universe is that after death every person will face this Y in the road. According to evangelical christianity, those […]

Wess Daniels recently wrote a post entitled When Peace Preserves Violence about his experience of peace theology within the Quaker tradition. Something about his post struck a chord with me even though I do not share his experience in a peace tradition. After reading his post again, I realized that the same violence that he […]

The other day at the end of a Renovatus podcast, I heard this open invitation to the eucharist/communion table. It struck me as sacred, beautiful, and embracing. I wanted to remember it and to share it, so I am posting it here. This is the Table, not of the church, but of the Lord. It […]

Update: I wrote this post several weeks ago, discouraged by the sense that in the public arena some influential church leaders seem deaf to the cries of victims of abuse within the church. Today, I am happy to report that Boz Tchividjian of GRACE has posted a public statement about sexual abuse in the church […]

A paraphrase of portions of Ezekiel 34: Woe to those who assume leadership in the church yet fail to serve. You enjoy the privileges and profits of your position, but you fail to care for those under your authority. The abused you have not protected, you have not listened to or supported them, but with […]

Recently, my twitter feed and blog reader contained numerous articles related to recent incidents of spiritual abuse, particularly the latest turmoil surrounding Sovereign Grace Ministry. Too often, victims of spiritual abuse have been disregarded and ignored while the religious system and its leaders are protected, allowing the abuse to continue. The questions I raised nine […]

“Shame is that secret belief that you are unfit, unworthy, even rotten.” Ze Frank Shame hinders us in very common ways, such as feelings and thoughts of fear, rejection, unworthiness, not belonging, and self-hatred. People go through life afraid that it is true that they are somehow inferior and unworthy, and desperately afraid that other […]


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