The certified letter demanded attendance at a meeting, their time and their location.

Since the time of the letter, many appeals were made to cancel this meeting and to deal with things privately.  Legal counsel advised attendance if the meeting occurred.  Until hours before the meeting, we were hopeful it would be cancelled.  It wasn’t.

Dark August thunderclouds built up in the west and the north.  It was ironic that they closed in ominously as the hour of the meeting drew near.

Arriving at the CLB – Cultic Little Building – I was a little surprised to find the exiles gathered on the sidewalk.  They were on the sidewalk because entry to the building was barricaded with a conference table across the entrance.

A trio of their leaders sat inside behind the table with papers that required the signatures of the exiles.

They sat there as their former family stood in the lightening and then a downpour attempting to fill out the necessary paperwork.

People held makeshift writing surfaces for one another and attempted to use jackets as umbrellas which became somewhat futile in the wind and rain.

One by one, people now disheveled by the downpour returned their soggy papers to the table.  Within 15 minutes the wet crowd was dispersed.

15 minutes of storm and darkness.

And then the sun shone brightly, revealing a brilliant rainbow in the sky.


9 thoughts on “Downpour

  1. I see the clouds in the movie version of Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes as you so well describe the scene. How do these cult folk believe they are engaged in any form of Christianity? It truly boggles the mind. (Though my own CLB experience is no less perverse, I should add.)

  2. Bill,
    Yes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The weather and timing of the storm was equally bizarre adding to the fictional feeling of the entire situation.

    Perhaps, but they didn’t get wet.

    Believe it or not, they are truly forgiven by the majority of the former members. It’s just a sad, pathetic situation.

    Dan, David, and others who wonder,
    I really am sorry for being cryptic. The only relevant fact is in the post – it was necessary, due to lingering legal issues, for former members to sign papers.

    In a way, I already feel like maybe I’ve said more than I should. Obviously this is a real situation, and locally, it would be hurtful for those involved to read this.

  3. I see. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, but lately it seems you are writing a lot about an issue which you fail to explain. It’s sort of annoying. I understand you are just venting, and I’m fine with that. I do a great deal of that on my blog as well. I’m not asking you to stop doing it, because you are free to blog about anything you want. But perhaps you could preface these posts in the title with a common theme, to warn readers they are about to read about this cryptic situation. Otherwise I think you are writing a story as an analogy, only to find out it’s a true situation and you are not providing any comprehensible explanation. As I said, I’m not asking you to stop, maybe simply preface the post with “CLB update” or something to that effect. I go through hundreds of posts a day on my feed reader and it would make my life oh so much easier.

  4. I’m trying to read between the lines to no avail but have concluded that its truly a bizarre thing you’re involved with. What a relief it must be for you to hang with your friends in the coffee shop. Your CLB is the complete antithesis of church but the coffee shop is a good example of what a church could be. BTW your discretion & obfuscation in describing the sordid event speaks volumes about your character and sets a good example for others. Thanks for being careful.

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