The Not Quite Happy Ending

A simple revelation is what I needed and what it took to begin breaking the ice around this issue in my heart. I couldn’t really connect the sense of abandonment to a particular instance in my life.   However, while praying one day, I saw an image of myself as a young child being dropped… Continue reading The Not Quite Happy Ending


The Heart of the Matter

This is all kind of hard to describe, and I am a little concerned about painting a wrong picture.  However, I will do my best to explain and hope that is adequate.  I don’t want to either exaggerate or minimize the problem. I want to emphasize that I really am at peace in the Father’s… Continue reading The Heart of the Matter

The Hazy Night of the Soul

A few years ago, fine print became difficult for me to read.  I needed longer arms, better lighting. Some of you know what I mean. Recently, that is how things have been for me spiritually.  It feels like everything that used to be so clear, suddenly became blurry.  There are moments of clarity, maybe when… Continue reading The Hazy Night of the Soul


My husband and I have been gathering with a group of believers on Saturday evenings after hours in a coffee shop. We have not defined ourselves according to church terms.  We aren’t a simple church, organic church, house church, church plant, wannabe church, bible study, postchurch, anti-church, alternative church, ideal church…whatever. We are just some… Continue reading Rainbows