I’m back!
I am practically giddy.

I love my laptop, a little too much.
I really missed all my friends in this little box.

Being without it was kind of like holding your breath under water. I did fine at first, but toward the end it seemed really long.

The repair order says they replaced the LCD and LCD cable. Everything is so clear and bright now. I didn’t realize how distorted everything was.

I don’t suppose I will get much done today.
Oh happy day!


10 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Welcome back, grace! You were missed!

    Everything is so clear and bright now. I didn’t realize how distorted everything was.

    This is a terrific metaphor for what many of us have experienced coming out of institutional religion!

    I’ll resist the urge to run with the metaphor, but will leave it to you or other commenters to make the appropriate parallels. The only one I can’t resist making is the correlation between seeing “through a glass darkly” and seeing “face to face”.

    Now if i could just come up with something clever for what “LCD” would stand for…

  2. Hi Grace, I don’t leave comments often but I do love reading your stuff :) I love the pic bty … is it you?
    Oh hey.. I just noticed Tracy here! How are you?
    Long time no ‘see’ :)

  3. I haven’t been holding my breath … but the air was getting a little stale. :)
    So glad your back, this is one of my favortite blogs and has one of the most stimulating and respectful family of posters out there.

  4. Thank you for the friendly welcome back. I probably shouldn’t have posted during the initial euphoria. However, I have enjoyed resuming the familiarity of my online habits. Lots of catching up to do yet.

    Yes, the picture is me.

    Steve, interesting thoughts. Let me know if you come up with an idea for LCD.

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