Oh No!

My computer is being sent away for service.
I will be laptopless for awhile.

No blogging.
No twitter.
No facebook.
No online conversation.

For days!
This will be good for me, right?

Feel free to continue the conversation on PSA.

So that I have something to look forward to come back to, how about if you tell me a little about yourself, even if you don’t normally comment.

Where are you at with Jesus? How about church?
Do you tend to mostly agree or disagree with the things I write?
Are you emerging? missional? post-anything? clergy? laity? Norwegian?

Or if you’d rather, just tell me what you’re reading or drinking these days. :)


21 thoughts on “Oh No!

  1. Hungarian, partly. And Anglo-Saxon. :)

    Pro-Jesus, Post-religion.

    Currently reading “ReJesus” by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch. Currently drinking…Hawaiian Punch.

    Come back soon.

  2. Still Northern Irish,full of Easter chocolate and reading ‘The Jerome Conspiracy’ by Michael Woods for the second time.The novel is weak but the research on Jerome as the guy who made the hell fire stuff in 2nd Peter get into the New Testament Canon is very interesting – also the revelation that Jesus used the Septuagent version of the ‘Old Testament’ has some potential theological doctrine shaking conclusions.Also reading Deepk Chopra’s new age gnostic take on Jesus and hIs parables in ‘The Third Jesus’.Again very interesting even if you can’t take the whole message due to your evangelical programming.

  3. I’m a disciple of Jesus. Currently in an institutional church, but about to be post-congrgeational, at least for a while. Definitely post-evangelical. I generally agree with you, and have learned from you and others. I’d probably call myself emerging into missional. :), although I’m not big on labels.

    Right now I’m reading The Great Omission by Dallas Willard and drinking home-brewed beer.

  4. I wanna go sit with Fred for awhile. We have a lot in common. I use to home-brew, but there are so many good micros on the market that I no longer feel the need. (They are about the only labels that I pay attention to these days :) )

  5. I’m pro-Jesus, post-evangelical, post-hypercharismatic/NAR, post-congregational.

    Reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, a weird dystopia about America as seen through people involved with a halfway house and an elite tennis academy.

    I always appreciate your perspective, and tend mostly to agree with you, though I must say I’m more with Rachelle than with you re:atonement.

    Just discovered Cachaça and have been drinking Caipirinhas.

  6. Where are you at with Jesus? He’s got me and he’s taking me somewhere. (I prefer not to guess where he’s taking me, because I’m usually wrong, but usually end up going where I guessed anyway.)

    How about church? Yes, I’m part of the church.

    Do you tend to mostly agree or disagree with the things I write? Yes, mostly.

    Are you emerging? missional? post-anything? clergy? laity? Norwegian? I like mochas.


  7. I love Jesus AND the church.

    I have found that I have trouble reading and drinking at the same time. So I’m not reading anything at the moment. Drinking a diet 7up.

    I still love the idea of the emerging church.

    I prefer the term ‘revnerd’ to ‘clergy’ when describing myself.

  8. I hope the withdrawls are doing fine …

    Reading at the moment – The Decisive Moment – how the brain makes up it’s mind. I am not emergent, I am not missional – I am Pragmatic-Eclectic.

    And I do agree with what you have to share and respect you not only as a wonderful person but as a teacher with a great deal of insight.

  9. I mostly agree with the things you write. Not sure I am qualified for some of the conversation here, but I love Jesus and fail to show that on a regular basis.
    I am sort of post-Baptist? Post-Charismatic, kind of wandering around trying to figure things out a lot since what I believe has changed so much over the past couple of years.
    I agree with C.S. Lewis a lot too (and I am quite sure I am not qualified for the conversations he would be having).
    I am currently reading The Shack and so far it is horrifying and really good.
    I have been largely a failure at life, underachieving High school drop out and an ex- felon.
    I am getting thirsty right now.

  10. Hey Shaun,

    You’re exactly the kind of guy Jesus would hang out with. Me too! Wish I could sit and quench my thirst with you :)

  11. Yah, there’s some viking blood mixed in there somewhere. I’m mostly just post-everything and looking for the relationship with Jesus that he promised. I guess that makes me post-missional and pre-relational. Four decades of IC participation has not really improved my relationships, just my ministry skills. I’m done with playing church. I’m re-reading Bruxy Cavey’s “The End of Religion”, usually with a dark roast coffee in hand, black, no sugar. I’ve also been reading some of Wayne Jacobsen, Frank Viola, Paul Viera, and Ted Dekker.

    I’ve been following some of the conversation on PSA and much to my surprise ;-) find myself in general agreement with you again (and again!).

  12. Where are you at with Jesus?

    We’re good. We’ve had a complicated relationship over the years but never a falling out. Just a lot of misunderstandings. I don’t think he talks much to me, but I think he’s a lot more into nonverbals than I might have previously assumed.

    How about church?
    Haven’t regularly attended church since early 2003. And it has been very, very cleansing and good for me, renewing a hope in God and a hope for God’s kingdom in this world, and indeed a hope for the church. I was burned and needed perspective. Finding my way slowly back these days. The next year might have some stories.

    Do you tend to mostly agree or disagree with the things I write?

    Mostly agree.

    Are you emerging?
    Yes. Utterly. Even before emerging was the accepted word. Not because it’s a cool new wave. Because that’s how I was naturally thinking so it was curious to find people who were thinking that way too. My natural bent this way also leads me to be particularly critical when I see emerging conversations betraying emerging values.

    I’m debating this with myself. Yes, I think. But not in the way that others might see as yes.

    I’m so post- I’m pre-. It’s time for the new, baby. What do I believe. What am I for? What do I embrace? What is my movement? I’m all about giving new definitions to new realities not defining myself in terms of where I’ve been.

    I’ve worked in churches as a pastor. I have a Masters of Divinity. But I’m not ordained. So no.

    I’ve worked in churches as a pastor. I have a Masters of Divinity. But I’m not on church staff now and spent a long time outside the power structures while in a church. So, I identify more with laity even as I’m too educated and trained to really be considered laity. Mostly I’m a bother to clergy.


    My last name is Oden. Norse god. But, I think that’s the Swedish spelling. It’s been a long time since my Scandinavian forebears wandered to this North American shore.

    Reading? Anthropology in Theological Perspective by Wolfhart Pannenberg; various books on learning to read German; and Stephen Lawhead’s new Robin Hood trilogy.

    Drinking? Orange juice this morning. Maybe a Murphy’s Stout a bit later. Just had a mini-KitKat for a snack.

    I like sunsets and long walks on the beach.

  13. “Not sure I am qualified for some of the conversation here,”

    From your comments and attitude, you are. Maybe more than a lot of people who would assume they’re qualified.

    Wherever the Spirit works, that person becomes qualified for the conversation. And it sounds like the Spirit is working in you. I’m with Ken. Not only are you qualified, you’re vital. The church has suffered for intimidating people into silence just because they don’t have the accepted churchy resume.

    Moses was a drop-out and ex-felon too, after all. So, was Joseph, and well, a lot of rather important folks.

    It’s all about the thirst.

  14. I am belgian… (been reading this blog from time to time without replying)

    I’m still active in a vineyard-churchplant in antwerp, but I’m affraid I’ve become post-evangelical, being more anabaptist than ever, and reading brian mcLaren, frank viola, peter rollins ans JK rowling… And dreaming to one day join the new monasticism n

    I’m just stumbling on my way towards Jesus and with Jesus… It’s the only thing that can ever make sense…



  15. Am a mixed breed, but mostly the Italian came out. I just finished my third cup of coffee, black (and mostly decaf) and a huge bran muffin with blueberries, Trader Joe’s “Moral Fiber” brand. I am feeling very virtuous. And stuffed.

    Technically I am laity, since I have no ordination, but in actuality I am in a quasi place with that since I teach a Bible study of between three and four hundred women (depends on the year).

    I honestly don’t know what I am anymore. I have such a funny shape I can’t fit with any of the groups. I am used to that, though. I’ve studied people all my life and have hit upon a few techniques that help me blend in, but whenever I drop my vigilance the truth comes out that I am not like the others. Some people like ginger and green tea ice cream. But not nearly as many people as like chocolate and vanilla. Oh well.

    I am a member of and attend a very conservative brand of Presbyterian. I can’t explain. It’s complicated.

    I tend to agree with at least your heart, Grace. I like you. And I like where your heart goes. I recognize Christ in you.

    I love the Lord, and I know He loves me, but what I really connect with more than love is joy. My husband is the nice one. I’m the happy one. (Yah! How about that, I’m married! Go figure. He likes ginger, though)

    I miss you! I keep looking for you and sure hope you come back.

  16. I really enjoyed reading your replies. :)

    You 15 are now my favorites. Don’t tell anyone else.

  17. Thought I would weigh in. Hope its not too late. I recently found myself” Looking down the wrong end of the apostolic gun’ So I am Post prophetic/apostolic. Can best be called ” Bapticostal” Don’t want to go where the Word doesn’t go. But I am still spiritfilled in a simple authentic truthful kind of way. I am in a church, but floating independant in my mind. Love Love Love Jesus. Missed him when I was at the Dominionist/Apostolic/Prophetic church. It was all about the Old Testament. Am drinking Ice Tea as I having quit riding the A train ( aspertame) . 27 days without a Diet Coke!

  18. I’m late replying to this, but I’m gonna jump in anyway …

    Why yes, I am Norwegian (and Danish).

    I love Jesus, and though I have a tendency to wander away sometimes, he always calls me back.

    I haven’t been to church since 1999.

    I am drinking French roast coffee with just a dash of cream.

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