Absurdity Abounds

The future is ACTS 29. – Michael Spencer

We believe that male elders should lead their churches with masculine love like Jesus Christ. – ACTS 29 Doctrine Statement

AN EARTH-SHATTERING CALAMITY IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. God is judging the raging sins of America and the nations. – David Wilkerson

The Bible is a scary book. And the future that is coming on unbelievers is scary beyond anything any preacher could conjure up.
John Piper on David Wilkerson

There’s so much that I’ve learned on all this. There’s triumph and tragedy, and, you know, there will be a whole message. There will be a whole series. – Todd Bentley

Donations can now be made to Fresh Fire USA at the following address… – Rick Joyner on Todd Bentley

Let me tell you what missional means in most churches…

Nobody showing up. So we sought out a term to affirm our dysfunction and affirm the fact that the mission that we are carrying out is not the Great Commission, the one that Jesus said.

Okay great. You gave them a cup of coffee. They’re going to hell without Jesus. When are you going to tell them about Jesus?

Perry Noble “Unleashed”

Emerging – We have sided with Satan in questioning the gospel and because of our movement hell will be more crowded.

Perry Noble “Unleashed”


24 thoughts on “Absurdity Abounds

  1. Oh boy! Some meaty stuff to comment on.

    Anytime Todd Bentley & Rick Joyner & David Wilkerson mentioned in one post it surely bodes well for types like me to get in on the discussion!

    I forsee quite a lively round of retorts just itching to be forthcoming… :)

  2. Grace, I heard the talk Perry Noble gave last night. It was unfortunate and sad to see/hear. At the end of the day it is still about butts, bricks, and bucks for him; that drives the ecclesiology of all churches like that. I heard it once said that for fundamentalism to thrive, you need a great enemy or evil. In the same way both sides misunderstand and are misunderstood. I am not sure about the other fellers you mentioned, but about Perry’s comments, they were far from graceful, seasoned with salt and said in love…

    who would/could stand up and say something to him in that conference? Who could have gotten by security? it was a controlled platform that he had and no disagreement is equal to agreement in that type of venue; justifying his claim to divine inspiration.

  3. Bold title. I love it. Though in Michael’s defense, I think he was referring more to what the organization of the church will look like rather than it’s particular doctrinal beliefs. The statement was: “The future isn’t the megachurch. The future is ACTS 29.”

    But, other than that…I couldn’t agree more.

    Grace and Peace,

  4. joseph,
    I’ll be expecting more from you after you’ve had a few drinks. It’s happy hour here.

    Is it any wonder people are leaving the church?

    That was my first exposure to Perry Noble. It didn’t exactly endear him to me. I recognized the “pastoral” attitudes that will eventually lead to abuse.

    rick and raffi,
    I’m not very familiar with Michael, but thought perhaps that statement was out of character for him. There are a multitude of reasons that ACTS 29 is not the future of the church besides misogyny. And in Michael’s defense, I honestly could not see beyond that statement to consider his intention.

    I’m still sputtering. After a week when it seemed that everyone was pissing me off, I thought it might be a good idea to keep my mouth shut. I’ll consider a part 2 of this post with some commentary. In the meantime, I enjoy the commentary here.

  5. On the IMONK – in Michael defense i think he was talking more about their gospel driven, aggressive church planting ethos than the hard lines of their theology, I don’t think it was an endorsement of their teaching just him calling it as he see’s it in the evangelical land scape.

    On Bentley there is so much BS around all that still it stinks.

    Plus how dodgy is that poster/flyer of the special bulletin (the holy glow eh!) ‘Also hey sonny me and your mom got divorced a few months ago meet your new step mom.’

  6. Is it any wonder people are leaving the church?

    No wonder at all. I’m just starting to really burn out on all the back-and-forth going on out there with all these “personalities” thinking they are authorities on the church.

    Even with regard to your recent posts about things that are being said about “missional” vs. “emerging” (when did those two become two separate movements?! I missed that one), etc.

    When do we stop labeling groups (including whatever one we identify with) and just be Jesus to a world that desperately needs a touch of the kingdom of God?

    (not directed at you, grace. Just the people you are quoting!) :)

  7. I’m all for restoration if it’s indeed restoration of a person’s relationship with the Lord and not a stepping stone to rebuild a public image and enterprise. If the circumstances surrounding his divorce is the only thing in Todd Bentley’s past that he thinks needs to be addressed then all I can say is:

    Old ladies, stay away away from any future evangelistic meetings of this guy, the “Holy Spirit” may just tell him to kick you in the face again with his biker boot!

    For the uninitiated:

  8. Barb, that link broke my heart. Not only threats, but then saying, “I’m sorry this is not very tactful. I’m just too busy to be more tactful.”

    Sick. Sick. Sick.

  9. BTW Grace,

    The Lord told me to tell you …. ummmm, yeah, well – anyway – the Lord TOLD me – you can’t argue with the word of the Lord ….

    Can you?

    Perry – when are you going to show them Jesus not just tell them about Him?

  10. I am on David Wilkerson’s mailing list and he has a lot of good preaching, but I saw his “gloom and doom” blogs and I was really grieved over that quote you posted. Not over prediction of disaster, but over what I hear as character assassination of my Father- as if HE is an abusive God itching to pound us to a pulp. :(

    I just know that my Heavenly Father is NOT LIKE THAT!!!

  11. It seems to have been a bad week for fundamentalism in USA.In times of uncertainity all sorts of nutters come out of the woodwork with their latest predictions and revelations.It happened in Europe during the medieval plagues where religious enthusiasts tried to set up the Kingdom in towns and cities.Lets face it the world view of the above quoted guys is a sign of mental illness.The Todd thing is weird but not unexpected – many anointed men are addicted to ministry – it gives them their identity. but then the world of the travelling spiritual song and dance men is a surreal yellow brick road kind of journey.Steve Martin’s movie ‘Leap of Faith’ should be shown in every faith community.

  12. Thanks Grace, this was enlightening. I’ve printed off the Acts 29 doctrinal statement and I’m going to paste it in my bible right after chapter 28. I’ll probably lose a couple of chapters of Romans in the process but after reading ch 29 it looks like I never understood them anyway. Thanks for the link. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that our world is a now a better place. BTW, my male elder who leads me with masculine love, says I have to stop reading doctrinally subversive blogs by women. Unless your real name is Todd, Rick or Perry, this is it. I’m done. We’re through.

  13. From the Acts 29 doctrinal statement: We believe that our mission is to bring people into church….

    Notice that 1) they have no scripture reference for this part (how convenient), and 2) The Great Commission doesn’t start with “Bring the whole world into the church”.

    What part of “go into…the world” do we continue to not understand?

  14. Great comments everyone, both the serious and the snarky.

    maty, I comment further on these issues in the next post.

    josh, I have no doubt in the Lord’s ability to privately deal with the deepest issues in Todd’s life. However, that process will be hindered by both his own and others’ attempts to keep him in the spotlight.

    barb, Thanks for the link. You are right that his statement is smothered in bullying tactics.

    mark, In one ear and out the other, unless I recognize the spirit and voice of The One they claim to be speaking for.

    ken, Thanks for the link. John’s voice is always one of sanity and wisdom. I would have him on my list of voices that should be heeded.

    charis, That’s exactly what I thought of both Wilkerson’s statement and Piper’s “clarification.”

    charlie, I don’t think I saw that movie. I’ll have to check it out.

    david, Well, look what happened to Adam when he listened to a woman.

    Steve, I agree that “turf wars” over labels are tiresome. Also, I noticed the “bring people into church” comment and was surprised to find it under the heading “missional”.

    glenn, mike, and bryan,
    This isn’t who we, the church, are intended to be, is it.

    I’ve added my thoughts on the following post. Please feel free to continue the conversation.

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