Almost a year ago, Kansas Bob and I had an interesting conversation on his post, Are all humans immortal? This topic has come up again recently in several conversations, so I thought that I would share our earlier discussion and ask you to share your thoughts and perspective. Kansas Bob: Most people believe that all… Continue reading Immortality

Justice for the Oppressed

Below are excerpts from an emotionally moving report by Dan Wentzel on the Sandusky verdict.  My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the Sandusky family, and Jerry Sandusky, may he experience mercy and truth which can heal his deep brokenness. Juror No. 4, the foreman, gray-haired and middle-aged, stood high in the back row… Continue reading Justice for the Oppressed

Where Did We Leave Off?

I am very aware of how much the religious blogging conversation and the players involved have changed over the past several years. Probably the best way to explain how I also have changed would be to simply jump back in and start posting again. Yet, I feel the need to give fair warning that my… Continue reading Where Did We Leave Off?