Intro to the New Posters

A brief history:

The posters represent a pictorial impression of words that are frequently used in the emerging/missional conversation. They are not theological statements or dictionary definitions, simply general impressions of the meaning of these words as they are used within the conversation.

The original set of posters, launched in the midst of controversy, inadvertantly created what was called a poster war. My original intentions and surprise at the reaction can be read in this post in which I said:

If you want the words to be meaningful, they can be. If you reject them as associated with something you oppose, then the words will invoke thoughts of opposition.

In spite of (or because of) the controversy, there was an overwhelmingly favorable response indicating that the posters were a source of encouragement and effective communication for many people. They have been translated into many languages and used by many churches during their worship services.

When I realized that we were going to use them on the Missional Tribe site, I felt the need to edit and expand the collection in order to include other important words and concepts in the emerging/missional conversation. I hope that they will continue to be a source of encouragement and a tool for communication.

I decided to combine the collections. The first two posters are emerging and missional. The rest are in alphabetical order. You will likely recognize the earlier ones. I have a few favorites among the new ones.

Actually, I think that I will post them in a separate post so that I can link to it without this introduction. I am a little worried about what 40 posters are going to look like in your blogreaders. Sorry if they are overwhelming.

I would love to hear your thoughts, overall impressions, favorites, arguments, whatever.


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