11 thoughts on “Emerging/Missional Posters

  1. Great job. My top four (no order):
    * Conversation
    * Narrative Theology
    * Status Quo
    *Reimagining which I thought could easily be Reimaging

  2. Thank you Grace. Do you think it’s arrogant to write your own devotional? Well, I feel compelled to do so, and would love to get your feedback as I write. And of your readers also. Rather than the “cotton candy” devotionals some may be used to, I will be covering topics in the news, world events, and the like. All with a purpose of drawing the reader back to a Kingdom perspective rather than a religious perspective. Well, I’ll be trying anyway. I am only doing this because the compulsion is so strong. Hope you like it… It will be available as an audio podcast by the end of today too.


    Today I wrote about our economy and charity, looking out for one another.

  3. It’s great to hear that these posters are being picked up and utilized by different groups to communicate their truths. Some of my favorites:


    *I really like these ones because they each communicate something of what it means to love.

    **These are great because they communicate some of the byproducts of living loved. :)

  4. Wow, these are great. I scrolled through them but had to stop at ‘Relevance’. That chilled me.

    I’m going to find ways and means of using some of these in my church. I’ve been asking a lot of ‘missional’ questions lately. I think I could tell some great stories to go along with these.

  5. ken,
    Status quo is one of my husband’s favorites.

    Best wishes in your endeavor.

    I love the picture in Charity. Shalom is one of my personal favorites, but it is a bit of a soapbox of mine. ;)

    Relevance is from the original set. I believe it impacted a lot of people that way. It is a powerful photo. I hope you find the posters helpful in your discussions.

  6. Am amazed that these were controversial. They are all rich in meaning, and centered in the Word.

    My three favorites are Generous Orthodxy, because it is the motto I’ve lived by for all my life as a believer; Leadership (I’ve met a few real ones, and desire so much to be like them); and Kingdom. I experienced an “aha” when I ruminated on this last poster. I’ve been trying to understand what “Kingdom” means to missional. Am much closer to getting it, now

  7. joanne,
    The kingdom is what missional is all about. As our hearts are captured by the king, we have the awesome privilege of bringing the rule and reign of His kingdom into the world and with His love, bringing light where darkness has reigned.

    You might enjoy this earlier post about the kingdom. His kingdom coming, the fulfillment of His eternal purpose, is the whole point of being missional.

  8. Are these posters for sale. I will be a part of a gathering at the end of the year and these would be great to display. These spoke deeply to my heart. Thanks

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