Something a little lighter…

(The picture isn’t actually my daughters.)

My (little) girls happened to both have a day off of work and went to lunch together the other day. When they got home, I asked about their time together.

“It would have been fine if the waiter wasn’t hitting on us.”

“Hitting on you?! What does that mean?”

“It’s the same as flirting mom. Haven’t you heard of that?”

(Yes, I actually know what “hitting on” means, but it makes absolutely no sense in the context of my little girls!)

Aye, aye, aye! I’m going to need some deeper sand to keep my head in.

Maybe we can have a family movie night soon. I’m thinking Veggie Tales, Bob the Builder, cheerios and apple juice.


8 thoughts on “DeNile

  1. Yeah … I tried that recently. I’m still feeling rather 2 dimensional from the bulldozer that rolled over me … ;-)

    Good luck though!

  2. Ha!

    Try thinking of an appropriate response when your 11 year old (now 12) tells you that when she’s in high school she’ll be some good looking boy’s “arm candy”.

  3. Grace,

    Mothering two 16 year old girls who are entering adolesence and you look at it as “something a little lighter” than dealing with a church capital campaign!!! Maybe it’s not such a bad thing being in DeNile :)

    We raised two sons. If it weren’t for thier years of adolesence, my 40s would definately be my favorite years in life. But, by God’s grace – our boys turned out great!

  4. Peggy,
    As long as the Brown boys are under 12. ;)

    I bask in denial! In fact, it may be one of my gifts.

    Yes, it comes all too soon.

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