Home is Where Your Heart is Safe

I recently spent a few days with my parents, a rare few days that were just me and them in the home where I grew up.  I can’t even remember when that last happened.  It seems that for so many decades my visits to them involved packing everyone and all of their stuff into the… Continue reading Home is Where Your Heart is Safe



Like many people, our family is shifting gears from school schedule to summer schedule. Which for me mainly means coming up with reasons why my kids should be out of bed before noon and pitch in a bit with the house and yard work without sounding like I’m nagging. My girls should have been done… Continue reading Random

The Birds and The Bees

We have parented with the philosophy that sex, like many other topics, is an ongoing conversation that continues and progresses as our kids mature. Rather than waiting for the single awkward, sweaty-handed conversation that some of us endured as teenagers, we have tried to be open in explaining things to our kids at appropriate times.… Continue reading The Birds and The Bees

Treasuring and Pondering Christmas

Christmas morning. With older teenagers, we no longer have the urgency to start early in the morning. The first person up turned on the Christmas lights. I put on a Christmas worship CD, but it was soon drowned out by the noise of family life. The showers are busy, the coffeepot is started. My second… Continue reading Treasuring and Pondering Christmas