A Little Behind

I haven’t had much time at the computer lately, and I’m having some trouble with blogger today.

My parents are coming to visit next weekend, so I’m trying to get as much of the spring cleaning done as I can before they get here.

I have jury duty again this Friday. It always seems to fall right in the middle of when I’m the most busy.

Weather Update: With 70 degree temps, our 24 inches of snow melted quickly revealing the green grass and tulip bulbs beneath.

This morning we woke up to another 6 inches of snow on the ground. Our forecast today is for thundersnows – heavy snow (an inch per hour) with lightening. Interesting spring weather.


12 thoughts on “A Little Behind

  1. For what it’s worth, I don’t recommend wasting time contacting Blogger about whatever problems you’re having. They don’t know what’s going on either. And I don’t think they would/have time to explain it if they did. If you still have a complete template- make a copy of it now! My new mantra.

  2. Grace,

    It just occured to me that you live a days drive from here (I think). Go figure.


  3. inheritor,

    Feel free to email me with more details of what you are looking for. jamiearpinricci AT arpin-ricci D0T com


  4. david,
    I would never wear leopard print on my ***. :)

    Good tip. I think I will make a copy of my template. I’m so sorry for the hassle you are going through.

  5. We almost made it to Winnipeg last summer, maybe this one or next. I was looking for a Spirit-filled sort of church to worship in and contacted a couple Charismatic Lutheran and Episcopal type persons to find out if there may be any of those varieties nearby. Perhaps Jamie may have some ideas as well?

  6. Hey Jamie, couldn’t get the email to go through. Here are some churches that were recommended to me:

    Sherwood Park Lutheran Church
    St. Aidan’s
    St. Anne’s was listed as a possible
    as was Christ Church.
    St. George’s in Brandon was also named.
    One of the Lutheran Renewal people says when he is in Winnipeg he often worships at Springs Church.

    From looking at some websites I would guess that Springs is closest to our worship experience at our home church. The others may well agree in practice but it appears their worship is much more traditionally liturgical than what we do on a regular basis. I don’t have a problem with liturgical worship and it might well be a good change for a weekend but I wonder how my kids would fare.
    Thanks for your input (if you have any).

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