Like many people, our family is shifting gears from school schedule to summer schedule. Which for me mainly means coming up with reasons why my kids should be out of bed before noon and pitch in a bit with the house and yard work without sounding like I’m nagging. My girls should have been done… Continue reading Random


More Thoughts on Not Starting a Church

From the previous post: “…how do we facilitate people caring for each other and growing spiritually together and see over time whether or not church life emerges from that reality?” – Wayne Jacobsen I want to share a few thoughts about structure and organization, particularly leadership and relational structure. Institutional systems confer social power and… Continue reading More Thoughts on Not Starting a Church

That Radical Wayne

Continuing on this topic… An interesting blog post from Wayne Jacobsen about NOT starting a church. A few quotes: I am convinced real church emerges as an organic outgrowth of relationships people are already sharing. So the question is not, how do we start a church, but rather, how do we facilitate people caring for… Continue reading That Radical Wayne

Walking alone

Stepping off the emotional rollercoaster….. I went to a party last night where I was the outsider. Although everyone was kind, there was an underlying rejection. I was struggling with the reality of being stripped of identity. It is difficult to accept being humbled repeatedly. I have to keep reminding myself this is a good… Continue reading Walking alone