Ekklesia for Exiles

Lately I have been wrestling with the idea of ekklesia. I understand the general concept of ekklesia, but this word is also often used to indicate an ideal of community. Ron, at the Weary Pilgrim had a post the other day about real community. He askwd, “What is an authentic faith community?” In this fragmented… Continue reading Ekklesia for Exiles


A Glimpse of the Kingdom

I hope you enjoy reading these amazing thoughts, written by Scott B at Theopraxis (bold type and paragraphing were added by me to emphasize his points) : I’m suggesting that we recover a true, robust, and deeply Christian eschatology, one that has its roots in the Old Testament promises of a New Creation and looks… Continue reading A Glimpse of the Kingdom

The Kingdom and Power

The kingdom of God is a realm where class systems no longer exist. In the kingdom, systems of power have been subverted. Jesus knew it, Paul knew it, but the religious people just couldn’t get it. Over time, Christianity adopted the power and social systems of the world. We read things back into the scriptures… Continue reading The Kingdom and Power

One Step At A Time

The following quote from Scott Berkhimer about the General Orthodoxy Conference helped put things in perspective for me: Big idea from the weekend – start small. (Ironic, I suppose. ;) Seriously – I think a lot of us find the thought of getting started at Kingdom-work to be intimidating. There are so many needs, and… Continue reading One Step At A Time