Eternal Choices

I listened to Tim Keller’s sermon on hell yesterday (ht Bob Hyatt). I recently heard a sermon on the same passage by Greg Boyd about the topic of eternal torment. Interestingly enough, while their approaches to this passage (Luke 16:19-31) were quite different, I agreed with many of the points made in both sermons. This… Continue reading Eternal Choices

The OPT-OUT Theory

I believe that we all should be in a lifelong process of working out our theology. A recent tweak in my theology has intrigued me. Real theologians have likely covered this ground and have established doctrines and terminology for the things that I am about to describe. In my terms, I refer to it as… Continue reading The OPT-OUT Theory


Like many people, our family is shifting gears from school schedule to summer schedule. Which for me mainly means coming up with reasons why my kids should be out of bed before noon and pitch in a bit with the house and yard work without sounding like I’m nagging. My girls should have been done… Continue reading Random