Devastatingly Evangelical

“There is, then, an evangelical way to preach the Gospel and an unevangelical way to preach it. The Gospel is preached in an unevangelical way, as happens so often in modern evangelism, when the preacher announces: This is what Jesus Christ has done for you, but you will not be saved unless you make a… Continue reading Devastatingly Evangelical


Twittering the Gospel

Where to jump in? This caught my attention… A Christianity Today interview with Rob Bell has apparently kicked up some dust, particularly his response to the question about twittering the gospel. I will quote that portion here: How would you present this gospel on Twitter? I would say that history is headed somewhere. The thousands… Continue reading Twittering the Gospel

The Gospel of the Kingdom

I hope you don’t mind that I share some of the things I am currently reading.  It helps me to save some of the thoughts here that I want to remember. Lately, I’ve been reading and listening to quite a bit of NT Wright.  I am actually new to his work – a fact which… Continue reading The Gospel of the Kingdom