The Future of the Church

Perhaps only in my fevered brain does all of this make sense, but this is how the dots are connecting for me. In spite of The Coming Evangelical Collapse, I feel hopeful about the church.  It may not be an easy time for denominations and institutions because survival will require many changes to the typical… Continue reading The Future of the Church


One Last Holiday Surprise

I feel as though I walked out of the room in the middle of an interesting conversation. Now a few weeks later I cannot remember what we were talking about. I hope you all had a great time with friends and families over the holidays and that you are looking forward to the new year… Continue reading One Last Holiday Surprise

Blogging the Journey

The circumstances at our former church came to a head in the spring of 2004. This led to our resignation and our decision to leave that church. It was one of the only times that I have been in a truly lose/lose situation. We were faced with the choice of submitting to lies and more… Continue reading Blogging the Journey

Dusty Dreams

Robbymac will soon be releasing his paper about being post-charismatic. He shares this in his post about dreams: I still dare to dream of a theology and praxis that is deliberately and enthusiastically living in the “radical middle”. Post-Charismatic, but not post-Spirit. Not to be missed in the comment section are these excerpts from a… Continue reading Dusty Dreams

Discussing reality church

Dan Kimball’s post called Reality Church stirred up a lot of thoughts for me. If you haven’t read it yet, take a moment to read it. I understand what Dan was getting at about growing into a more mature and realistic understanding of church life. I agree with Brother Maynard’s summary of the stages and… Continue reading Discussing reality church