Yep, It’s All About Me

From Bob Hyatt’s review of The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning: It’s just that in the drive to reduce everything down to “God loves you!” I can’t help but feel some important nuances are lost…Is God jealous for His own glory at all? Or is He simply all about ME? I’ve been chewing… Continue reading Yep, It’s All About Me


Who’s in the Back Row?

Recently I read a post at about a quote that categorizes church attendees into 3 categories, observer, consumer, and participant. This guy isn’t a participant! I have been thinking about this a lot, particularly the participant and observer categories. I understand the desirability of participants from the leaders’ point of view. When the focus… Continue reading Who’s in the Back Row?


How did we end up here? Displaced from our churches. For some it was simply a matter of moving on. Others lost friends and reputations. Some even lost jobs. Interestingly enough, the ones leaving churches are not necessarily flaky and immature. They are mostly long-time members who were involved in church leadership. Scott Williams recently… Continue reading Outcast