The pouring out of the spirit on earth is the presence, in our sphere, of the sheer energy of heaven itself. The gift of the spirit is thus the direct result of the ascension of Jesus. Because he is the Lord of all, his energy, the power to be and do something quite new, is… Continue reading Pentecost

More Thoughts on Not Starting a Church

From the previous post: “…how do we facilitate people caring for each other and growing spiritually together and see over time whether or not church life emerges from that reality?” – Wayne Jacobsen I want to share a few thoughts about structure and organization, particularly leadership and relational structure. Institutional systems confer social power and… Continue reading More Thoughts on Not Starting a Church

A Significant Shift

Sometimes I have to remind myself that many of my beliefs today seemed like revolutionary ideas to me only a year ago. It is good for me to remember the process of having my eyes opened. I was completely immersed in charismatic church culture. I had never imagined other forms of church, nor had I… Continue reading A Significant Shift