Empty Canvas

A beautiful quote by Paul Fromont: For apparently increasing numbers, a churchless faith becomes a necessary precursor to an empty “canvas” upon which a new or emerging vision of church can be painted. It will be interesting to see what emerges (pun intended) for me, but somewhere and sometime I will find my Turangawaewae (the… Continue reading Empty Canvas


Stunted Growth

Like an overbearing parent, I think that sometimes church systems do not allow the natural growth and development of members. Fearing chaos, conformity is the desired result. Rather than allowing the sometimes messy process of growth, which includes making mistakes, members are subtly steered into obedient conformity. As followers they assume a passive role, aligning… Continue reading Stunted Growth

Walking alone

Stepping off the emotional rollercoaster….. I went to a party last night where I was the outsider. Although everyone was kind, there was an underlying rejection. I was struggling with the reality of being stripped of identity. It is difficult to accept being humbled repeatedly. I have to keep reminding myself this is a good… Continue reading Walking alone

The Christian Bubble

I sometimes refer to formerly having a church-centered life. I don’t think I intended to end up in a Christian bubble, but somehow that is where I found myself. After we married and started a family, it seemed that our life just became more and more Christian. We got involved at our church and began… Continue reading The Christian Bubble