Justice for the Oppressed

Below are excerpts from an emotionally moving report by Dan Wentzel on the Sandusky verdict.  My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the Sandusky family, and Jerry Sandusky, may he experience mercy and truth which can heal his deep brokenness. Juror No. 4, the foreman, gray-haired and middle-aged, stood high in the back row… Continue reading Justice for the Oppressed


The certified letter demanded attendance at a meeting, their time and their location. Since the time of the letter, many appeals were made to cancel this meeting and to deal with things privately.  Legal counsel advised attendance if the meeting occurred.  Until hours before the meeting, we were hopeful it would be cancelled.  It wasn’t.… Continue reading Downpour

Lessons from The Ted Haggard Story

There are so many angles to the Ted Haggard story that I find fascinating. Before I look at the issues, somewhat detached from the persons involved, let me say that I hope the best for the Haggard family living out this story of scandal and for the other people who have also been hurt by… Continue reading Lessons from The Ted Haggard Story