What Do We Get Away With?

First a great quote from Shaun in the comments of the previous post: The best of us are not nearly good enough and the worst of us are not bad enough that His grace can’t reach us. As promised, a few quotes from Between Noon and Three (Robert Farrar Capon): …they will not be discovered,… Continue reading What Do We Get Away With?

A Teaser

I just started reading Between Noon and Three by Robert Farrar Capon.  Maybe next week I will post a few of his comments about grace.  Capon definitely flips religion upside down.  Meanwhile, I am also in a book club discussing The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Bonhoeffer’s ideas about cheap grace seem to be… Continue reading A Teaser

Your Kingdom Come

I’m leaving town for a few days, but I thought that I would leave something beautiful to read here, in case anyone drops in while I’m gone.  This is from Baxter Kruger: As the light of Jesus shines into our darkness, we will not be yearning to escape the ordinary, we will be stunned and… Continue reading Your Kingdom Come

Spiritual Formation & Discipleship

I don’t remember where I came across the link to this article, maybe in an email. The Making of the Christian Richard J. Foster and Dallas Willard Christianity Today (9/16/2005) Willard: Spiritual formation is the process of establishing the character of Christ in the person. That’s all it is. You are taking on the character… Continue reading Spiritual Formation & Discipleship