The Beauty of the Wrath of God

The previous post about the Sandusky trial is a perfect backdrop for a discussion about the wrath of God. All that we have been discussing in the previous posts is on display in the drama of this courtroom. We see the depth of pain caused by evil. We grieve the shattered lives of the victims.… Continue reading The Beauty of the Wrath of God

What’s the Difference?

For God was so angry at the world that He sent His Son to punish Him so that whoever repents and says the sinners prayer can go to heaven instead of hell when they die. My previous post contrasted two different views of the gospel. It is convenient to refer to them as western and… Continue reading What’s the Difference?

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Occupy, protest, vote, join, reform, transform . . . Really? The flood of legitimate issues and causes to care deeply about is overwhelming. So many desperate needs. How can anyone truly make a difference? “On earth as it is in heaven.” A well-worn phrase, one that perhaps we are numb to. Earth – visible, tangible,… Continue reading On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Devastatingly Evangelical

“There is, then, an evangelical way to preach the Gospel and an unevangelical way to preach it. The Gospel is preached in an unevangelical way, as happens so often in modern evangelism, when the preacher announces: This is what Jesus Christ has done for you, but you will not be saved unless you make a… Continue reading Devastatingly Evangelical

Your Kingdom Come

I’m leaving town for a few days, but I thought that I would leave something beautiful to read here, in case anyone drops in while I’m gone.  This is from Baxter Kruger: As the light of Jesus shines into our darkness, we will not be yearning to escape the ordinary, we will be stunned and… Continue reading Your Kingdom Come