Review: The Becoming of G-d

The Becoming of G-d by Ian Mobsby What the Trinitarian nature of God has to do with Church and a deep Spirituality for the Twenty First Century It is difficult for me to say whether or not you would like this book.  It is dressed in the language of postmodern, emerging church, contextual theology. However,… Continue reading Review: The Becoming of G-d

Review: Strange Fire, Holy Fire

“The spiritual gifts practiced in charismatic churches – including the controversial gifts – are legitimate and important.  Unfortunately, they can be abused and confused with hype, flesh, and misunderstanding.” . This book by Michael Klassen is a well-written and interesting addition to the post-charismatic library. With a fair combination of critique and validation, the author… Continue reading Review: Strange Fire, Holy Fire

Latter-Rain Doctrine

It is interesting to me that Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival brought charismatic revivalism into the spotlight, which inadvertently put a magnifying glass on Peter Wagner’s apostolic reformation. Now only weeks later, charismatic theology and new apostolic reformation are once again in the spotlight due to connections with Sarah Palin. It looks to me… Continue reading Latter-Rain Doctrine

Charismatic World Domination

Okay, even though the media would like to paint the whole charismatic family as crazy, let me go back to the family tree and try to point out the norms and the crazy uncles. Imagine me, now an apologist for charismania.  How did that happen?  I would rather see informed critique from insiders than misinformation… Continue reading Charismatic World Domination