Your Kingdom Come

I’m leaving town for a few days, but I thought that I would leave something beautiful to read here, in case anyone drops in while I’m gone.  This is from Baxter Kruger: As the light of Jesus shines into our darkness, we will not be yearning to escape the ordinary, we will be stunned and… Continue reading Your Kingdom Come


The pouring out of the spirit on earth is the presence, in our sphere, of the sheer energy of heaven itself. The gift of the spirit is thus the direct result of the ascension of Jesus. Because he is the Lord of all, his energy, the power to be and do something quite new, is… Continue reading Pentecost

Twittering the Gospel

Where to jump in? This caught my attention… A Christianity Today interview with Rob Bell has apparently kicked up some dust, particularly his response to the question about twittering the gospel. I will quote that portion here: How would you present this gospel on Twitter? I would say that history is headed somewhere. The thousands… Continue reading Twittering the Gospel