The Beauty of the Wrath of God

The previous post about the Sandusky trial is a perfect backdrop for a discussion about the wrath of God. All that we have been discussing in the previous posts is on display in the drama of this courtroom. We see the depth of pain caused by evil. We grieve the shattered lives of the victims.… Continue reading The Beauty of the Wrath of God



Don’t miss the great comments in response to my previous post. There is a lot of wisdom there about forgiveness and reconciliation. Those of you who have been through the process of recovering from spiritual abuse will recognize the cycle. You are cruising along, doing pretty well, and WHAM! you step into a pile of… Continue reading Bittersweet

Why I’ve Been Quiet

It’s been difficult to write this week. A couple of recent incidents left a bitter taste in my mouth, and I am struggling to rid myself of the bitterness. I don’t want the things I write here poisoned with bitterness. Today’s post is an honest reflection of my struggle to walk through the hurt. Can… Continue reading Why I’ve Been Quiet