Rules of Self-Effort

Rule 1: Don’t have anything wrong with you. Rule 2: If you do, get over it quickly. Rule 3: If you can’t get over it quickly, then fake it. Rule 4: If you can’t get over it quickly or fake it, then stay way from me. I don’t want anyone to think I have it… Continue reading Rules of Self-Effort


Too Much Grace?

One of Graham’s favorite sayings is, “God isn’t an evangelical.” His point is that God isn’t worried about our sin because He has already dealt with it. He isn’t angry or disillusioned with us (“because He never had any illusions about you to start with.”) Sin is the result of broken identity. The conviction from… Continue reading Too Much Grace?

The Good Fight – 4

As I said earlier, this message was originally given on Father’s Day, and it was directed as a challenge to men. This post will have that particular slant on it. While many of the men who blog no longer live this way, I believe that we all know men whose hearts are isolated, cold, and… Continue reading The Good Fight – 4

The Good Fight – 3

Our ability to serve the needs of others is dependent on our spiritual wholeness. The more we become like Christ, the more we are able to love others. To the degree that we are hurt, we stay focused on ourselves. Christian behaviorism results from an overemphasis on doing – do better, try harder. Many of… Continue reading The Good Fight – 3