Unfit, Unworthy, Even Rotten

“Shame is that secret belief that you are unfit, unworthy, even rotten.” Ze Frank Shame hinders us in very common ways, such as feelings and thoughts of fear, rejection, unworthiness, not belonging, and self-hatred. People go through life afraid that it is true that they are somehow inferior and unworthy, and desperately afraid that other… Continue reading Unfit, Unworthy, Even Rotten


You Are Not Alone

I wasn’t planning on going here, but I guess that I will. Again, I’m not an expert on anything, but I do believe in the possibility of restoration and wholeness in every area of our lives. The issue isn’t just Ted Haggard or homosexuality, the issue is brokenness expressed sexually. And that my friends is… Continue reading You Are Not Alone

The Wrath of God?

Unfortunately I saw the piece on 20/20 this week interviewing Shirley Phelps about the Westboro lawsuit. It was disgustingly awful to watch children singing “God Hates the World and All Her People.” Admittedly this particular group is extreme fringe. However I feel that same disappointment when I read websites, blogs, and comments that portray God… Continue reading The Wrath of God?