The State of My Situation Address

Who knew that detox had anniversaries? There is an exact calendar date that my husband and I can point to as the day our world turned upside down and that church as we knew it was over. At the time, we didn’t know we had entered the process of detox. It will be 5 years… Continue reading The State of My Situation Address


Point of View

Continuing the conversation from the last post about dealing with differences in relationship and attempting to find unity in diversity… This example helps me when I find myself in situations with people who see things differently than I do. If a friend and I were standing on different sides of the corner of a building,… Continue reading Point of View

The Real Faces of Charismania

I know that it seems I’ve gone over the top on all things charismatic this month.  Personally, I am in the midst of processing my beliefs and feelings about all of us this which is why you get to read about.  My apologies to those who don’t relate. Most of you know a little bit… Continue reading The Real Faces of Charismania