The “Y” in the Road

“The notion of a divinely ordained place of punishment for the wicked after death is deeply embedded in the Christian imagination. How should we think and talk about hell?” A common assumption of life and the universe is that after death every person will face this Y in the road. According to evangelical christianity, those… Continue reading The “Y” in the Road

PlanetChristian: Biblical Womanhood

Explaining another term from the list Leaving the Orbit of Planet Christian. This isn’t a phrase from our previous church experience. In fact, I didn’t really encounter this belief until I began reading blogs. To be honest, I had not given the topic much thought and was quite surprised to discover that many Christians do… Continue reading PlanetChristian: Biblical Womanhood

PlanetChristian: Apostolic Networks

In response to the post Leaving the Orbit of Planet Christian, I will do some posts about some of the terms on the list.  (Maybe once a week, we’ll see.)  Just to clarify, apparently from the title of that post some people fear that I am leaving the Christian faith.  No worries, I’m still following… Continue reading PlanetChristian: Apostolic Networks

Leaving the Orbit of Planet Christian

I’ve made a list. It was going to be 25 Random Things I No Longer Believe, but 25 wasn’t enough. Now it is 50 Not-So-Random Things I No Longer Believe In The Same Way That You Might Believe In Them.* Apostolic Networks Biblical Womanhood Boycotts Building Campaigns Christian Bumper stickers Christian Music Christian Nation Christian… Continue reading Leaving the Orbit of Planet Christian

The State of My Situation Address

Who knew that detox had anniversaries? There is an exact calendar date that my husband and I can point to as the day our world turned upside down and that church as we knew it was over. At the time, we didn’t know we had entered the process of detox. It will be 5 years… Continue reading The State of My Situation Address