The “Y” in the Road

“The notion of a divinely ordained place of punishment for the wicked after death is deeply embedded in the Christian imagination. How should we think and talk about hell?” A common assumption of life and the universe is that after death every person will face this Y in the road. According to evangelical christianity, those… Continue reading The “Y” in the Road

PlanetChristian: Biblical Womanhood

Explaining another term from the list Leaving the Orbit of Planet Christian. This isn’t a phrase from our previous church experience. In fact, I didn’t really encounter this belief until I began reading blogs. To be honest, I had not given the topic much thought and was quite surprised to discover that many Christians do… Continue reading PlanetChristian: Biblical Womanhood

PlanetChristian: Apostolic Networks

In response to the post Leaving the Orbit of Planet Christian, I will do some posts about some of the terms on the list.  (Maybe once a week, we’ll see.)  Just to clarify, apparently from the title of that post some people fear that I am leaving the Christian faith.  No worries, I’m still following… Continue reading PlanetChristian: Apostolic Networks

Leaving the Orbit of Planet Christian

I’ve made a list. It was going to be 25 Random Things I No Longer Believe, but 25 wasn’t enough. Now it is 50 Not-So-Random Things I No Longer Believe In The Same Way That You Might Believe In Them.* Apostolic Networks Biblical Womanhood Boycotts Building Campaigns Christian Bumper stickers Christian Music Christian Nation Christian… Continue reading Leaving the Orbit of Planet Christian