A Teaser

I just started reading Between Noon and Three by Robert Farrar Capon.  Maybe next week I will post a few of his comments about grace.  Capon definitely flips religion upside down.  Meanwhile, I am also in a book club discussing The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Bonhoeffer’s ideas about cheap grace seem to be… Continue reading A Teaser

Q and A with Frank Viola

In promotion of his book From Eternity to Here, Frank put together a blog tour. In previous posts I expressed my appreciation for the ideas presented in this book. However, there are multiple pages in my book with question marks on them, and this seemed like a good opportunity to ask Frank those questions. Because… Continue reading Q and A with Frank Viola


Like many people, our family is shifting gears from school schedule to summer schedule. Which for me mainly means coming up with reasons why my kids should be out of bed before noon and pitch in a bit with the house and yard work without sounding like I’m nagging. My girls should have been done… Continue reading Random

Review: The Furious Longing of God

This latest book by Brennan Manning is simple and beautiful in its expression of God’s love. The message he so poetically portrays is one that you will want to read deeply and repeatedly. No matter what page or chapter you turn to, Brennan’s words will quickly draw you in to the heart and passion of… Continue reading Review: The Furious Longing of God

Additional Thoughts on From Eternity to Here

This book is important to Frank, and his desire is that people who read it would experience a greater revelation of Christ. Does he tend toward over-enthusiasm and hyperbole? Yes, but he seems to do so out of eager zeal and passion. As with Frank’s other books, I found that while I generally agree with… Continue reading Additional Thoughts on From Eternity to Here