Unfit, Unworthy, Even Rotten

“Shame is that secret belief that you are unfit, unworthy, even rotten.” Ze Frank Shame hinders us in very common ways, such as feelings and thoughts of fear, rejection, unworthiness, not belonging, and self-hatred. People go through life afraid that it is true that they are somehow inferior and unworthy, and desperately afraid that other… Continue reading Unfit, Unworthy, Even Rotten

Our Response to God’s Decisive Act

Salvation perspectives that infer a contingent transaction are overwhelmingly common with the evangelical gospel message. In this post, I want to discuss the possibility that we can express the gospel in ways that override this default perspective. The reason for Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf was because we were helpless to reconcile ourselves to God.… Continue reading Our Response to God’s Decisive Act

The Gospel of Exclusion

The message of exclusion is a fundamental problem for christianity and the church today. While there are abundant examples of the message of exclusion, the Chik-Fil-A episode is an obvious recent example. Regardless of the first amendment issues involved, this was an epic failure in communicating the message of Christ for the christians who were… Continue reading The Gospel of Exclusion

Repairing the World

An ongoing project… In a Religion News Service article by John Murawski, N.T. Wright asks: Have we gotten heaven all wrong? The article said: While heaven is indisputably God’s realm, it’s not some distantly remote galaxy hopelessly removed from human reality. In the ancient Judaic worldview, Wright notes, the two dimensions intersect and overlap so… Continue reading Repairing the World