Backwards Thoughts on Biblical Leadership

Let’s see if I can remember how to blog…I have been following the recent posts about whether leadership is “biblical.” It is difficult to have this conversation without first defining the underlying assumptions and values regarding relationships and organizational structures. To the degree that growth, efficiency, effectiveness, success, and influence are the aspired values, business… Continue reading Backwards Thoughts on Biblical Leadership

Things I Didn’t Learn About Leadership in Church

Leadership originates in response to the needs of others. Leadership is not the response of people to the vision of an influential person, but rather their response to the leader as he or she articulates their wants and needs. It can not occur without truly knowing and understanding the needs of those one presumes to… Continue reading Things I Didn’t Learn About Leadership in Church

Hauerwas on Leadership

I’ve been wanting to write a few things about leadership, but haven’t had the opportunity. In the meantime, let me share some of my favorite thoughts from this video of Stanley Hauerwas. “It’s always persuasion.” “Many of the proposals about leadership are quite perverse, exactly because it gives the impression that you know what leadership… Continue reading Hauerwas on Leadership


As I was working on my homework, I thought you might be interested in these notes from an article that I read for one of my classes. Discussions of leadership are intertwined with issues of authority.  Western philosophy assumes that there is no morally valid leadership without the consent of the led.  It is a… Continue reading Pseudo-leaders

Leaders and Followers

Hey, sorry, I didn’t mean to drop off the face of the earth. I ran across this statement recently… “I think we can agree that there are at least two categories within the NT church according to Paul—leaders and followers.” Hmmm. I would agree that there are leaders and followers, but I don’t believe there… Continue reading Leaders and Followers

You Aren’t The Boss of Me

The complex theories of leadership, government, and church organization that have developed as a “scriptural explanation” attempting to support and justify the traditional and desired systems is sometimes astounding to me.  I really have trouble believing that when either Jesus or Paul talked about the church that they ever imagined the denominational structures and corporate… Continue reading You Aren’t The Boss of Me