Are You Saved?

It is almost impossible for anyone today to hear that question without automatically forming a determination of inclusion or exclusion. Are you “saved” or are you “lost”? Are you a church-goer or a heathen? Are you going to heaven or going to hell? Are you good or are you bad? Regardless of background, there is… Continue reading Are You Saved?



Almost a year ago, Kansas Bob and I had an interesting conversation on his post, Are all humans immortal? This topic has come up again recently in several conversations, so I thought that I would share our earlier discussion and ask you to share your thoughts and perspective. Kansas Bob: Most people believe that all… Continue reading Immortality

The Beauty of the Wrath of God

The previous post about the Sandusky trial is a perfect backdrop for a discussion about the wrath of God. All that we have been discussing in the previous posts is on display in the drama of this courtroom. We see the depth of pain caused by evil. We grieve the shattered lives of the victims.… Continue reading The Beauty of the Wrath of God

Justice for the Oppressed

Below are excerpts from an emotionally moving report by Dan Wentzel on the Sandusky verdict.  My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the Sandusky family, and Jerry Sandusky, may he experience mercy and truth which can heal his deep brokenness. Juror No. 4, the foreman, gray-haired and middle-aged, stood high in the back row… Continue reading Justice for the Oppressed

What’s the Difference?

For God was so angry at the world that He sent His Son to punish Him so that whoever repents and says the sinners prayer can go to heaven instead of hell when they die. My previous post contrasted two different views of the gospel. It is convenient to refer to them as western and… Continue reading What’s the Difference?