Are You Saved?

It is almost impossible for anyone today to hear that question without automatically forming a determination of inclusion or exclusion.

Are you “saved” or are you “lost”?

Are you a church-goer or a heathen?

Are you going to heaven or going to hell?

Are you good or are you bad?

Regardless of background, there is an almost universal assumption underlying this question of a clear in-or-out line in the sand designating both an individual’s current and future spiritual status.

“Are you saved?” is such a limiting question because it doesn’t reflect a dimensional picture of someone’s relationship with God. Instead, it immediately compartmentalizes them without hearing where they are in their journey of knowing God.

Too often the message of religion is that you need to get right with God.

The really good news is that God already made things right with you.

In Christ, God was reconciling the world to himself*, not counting people’s sins against them. – II Cor.5:19

*Some exclusions apply. See terms and conditions below.

That is what you’ve heard, right? Terms, conditions, exclusions.

The truth is that there is nothing about you or your life that excludes you from what God has done for you.

God’s act of reconciling mankind in Christ demonstrated scandalous love toward everyone – enemies, sinners, the ungodly, and the undeserving – with a one-sided benevolence that is difficult to grasp – an unconditional gift, not just the possibility of salvation.

Salvation is too important to be a once and done decision. To be rescued from the world and its powers, we must turn and keep turning to Christ for the grace to live in the reality of His life.

Salvation, rather than a single act of decision and repentance, is growth in relationship with God – ongoing and continual turning, belief and trust. We are continually responding to the truth of the gospel.

All of life is this process of comprehending the truth as the Spirit enlightens our vision and reveals to us what is real.

My message is the same to the person has never known about Jesus as it is to the person who has spent two thousand Sundays in a church pew.

You are loved and embraced by God.

Are you participating in the life of God the Father, Son, and Spirit?


12 thoughts on “Are You Saved?

  1. The “are you saved” question says a lot about the asker and little about the answerer. I wonder why so many love questions with yes and no answers?

    1. kansasbob,
      I think we like the simplicity and convenience of quickly categorizing people. Questions like that allow for quick sorting. I think there is also an element of measuring and ranking that occurs in these quick assessments.

  2. really , Been absent for a while, But beautiful thoughts.. I was recently asked to attend a church where the preacher made a statement about a man who was “lost”. It made the rest of his presentation almost unbearable for me.. Indeed He has done it for US .

    1. shaun,
      Yeah, I’ve been absent too. Just rescued your comment from moderation, not sure why it landed there. Good to see you, thanks for stopping by.

  3. This is definitely the most important post you have written. Like you, I cannot read the gospels and come away with anything else but a profound appreciation for how much Jesus loved everyone, no exceptions. The view of the world about which your write (which I share, by the way) changes everything. People of all stripes, races, religions, genders, worldviews, and nationalities are precious to God, regardless of their faith or lack thereof. Jesus watched as a human being drove nails right through the flesh and bones of his hands and feet, fixing him to a piece of wood that he created. What a willfully angry, hateful act, carried out by a faithless, disloyal person, perpetrated against Almighty God Himself! Jesus forgave him anyway. What deep humility! What all-inclusive love! Jesus tossed around love and forgiveness like rose petals at a wedding. What a way to live life! Let’s go do it!

  4. I think, depending upon the one asking, that “are you saved” can mean more than what is implied in this post. While I agree that this particular question has the stench of OSAS typically attached to it , it can not be met with a sweeping dismissal because of such. What is means to be “saved” is the vital part of the equation that has lost it’s savor.

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