How are you being saved today?


8 thoughts on “So…

  1. today, it is hope that is the anchor of my soul. i am coming out of the final stages of divorce. a 26-year marriage dissolving which makes me gun-shy (sorta) about ‘love’ & ‘trust’, but hope keeps me going on this oft times crazy journey of life we all can relate to…

  2. today? well, i guess today IS the day of salvation… but when is “today” anyway?
    from ‘before’ the beginnings of the foundations of the world, we were set aside, you and i. i love that thought.

  3. I like this question, because it reminds me that my old assumptions about what “being saved” means were quite limiting. I am being saved *today* by laying aside my own judgments and interpretations of events. And hearing His voice clearly again. Hope and trust are also a theme for me. :)

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