Hauerwas on Leadership

I’ve been wanting to write a few things about leadership, but haven’t had the opportunity. In the meantime, let me share some of my favorite thoughts from this video of Stanley Hauerwas.

“It’s always persuasion.”

“Many of the proposals about leadership are quite perverse, exactly because it gives the impression that you know what leadership is abstracted from communities that make leadership possible.”

(3:50) “Don’t lie. Very simple, don’t lie to me. Just don’t lie to me. It kills you, it kills me, and it kills the community.”

(4:20) “The bottom line – politics is people. For any person that wants to be in leadership, if they try to lead in a way that means they don’t have to deal with people and to tell the truth to people, they automatically defeat community.”

6 thoughts on “Hauerwas on Leadership

  1. I want so much more. When does polictics and persuasion give way to – hey where’s Jesus? – or – I’ve found Jesus come and see.

    Communities are the great enabler of Saul. When does the community stand up and say – Hey, we’ve made a big mistake – no more Saul – we want no king except King Jesus!!! Only after that will we stop picking the most charismatic, influential, pretty people and really get down to honoring one another and trying to discern what the Lord is telling US to do together.

  2. Great! Hauerwas is one voice in the band of happy renegades pressing the claims of the Kingdom.

    He’s so right that lies kill us and the community. Why is it that so many in the community actually prefer lies to truth? Is it that one of the “perceived needs” that many of us have is to be told that “everything’s ok, don’t worry” and we grant power to those that will sooth us?

    Jerry has a good point.


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