I’ve been thinking about a couple of conversations I had this week about demons, oppression, and deliverance.  I think that demonic influence in peoples’ lives is way more common and ordinary than occurrences of some Gollumesque creature that hovers over one’s bed at night.  While head-spinning, vomit-spitting deliverance may be needed in extreme cases, I believe that the most effective deliverance that most of us can and do experience is in the form of replacing lies with truth.

Because of the prevalence of people who struggle with underlying issues of abandonment and rejection, I have always wondered how these issues are connected to the fall.  Obviously, plenty of people have experiences in their lives that lead to feelings of abandonment and rejection, but it is interesting that those feelings are almost universal regardless of personal history.

My conclusion (at the moment) is that the emptiness that we experience is a result of being born in a broken world and causes our initial feelings of alienation.  However, it is the enemy’s plan to take the circumstances of our lives to reinforce those feelings of loneliness and rejection.  He takes every opportunity to use the events of our lives to whisper the lie of our abandonment.

Sadly many people, even believers, live their entire life haunted by the lie.  It lies behind their fears.  It lies behind their anger.  It lies behind their excesses and addictions.  It even lies behind their motivation and drive.  It lies unchallenged by the truth that we are unconditionally loved, accepted, and embraced by the Father.  It lies…

If the truth of the Father’s love doesn’t impact our heart with enough force to displace the lie, then we live in the haunting darkness –  alone, rejected, and unaware or unwilling to believe the truth of our identity and the truth of the loving goodness of the Father who has adopted us.

Who needs ghosts and goblins when the power of the lie so effectively leaves men cowering?


9 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. Grace you’ve really hit the nail on the head. Satan’s kingdom is based on lies and when we expose them and walk in truth he flees from us. But when we live in the lies we are in chains. It’s talked about so little among Christians. And if it is it’s in vague terms. It seems many either ignore Satan and pretend he can’t get to us just look for the Goblins. I am part of a small group that functions primarily to help one another expose lies and we each have gotten some amazing freedom.

    Interesting thoughts about rejection and abandonment. It does seem universal regardless of past circumstances. It’s like we’re wired for something that is impossible in this present world.

  2. Awesome insight, Grace… it’s so true that replacing lies with truth is the key to a lot of deliverance! Love it!

    For anyone interested, tho, I’ve blogged in the past about deliverance as a process in a series called Deliverance Foundations: A Christian – Possessed?, Strongholds and Legalism, Deliverance – The Purpose, Deliverance – The Process , Deliverance – Epilogue and finally Deliverance Questions Answered.

    Hope it helps someone!

  3. Grace,
    I so resonate with what you are saying here.
    I find in my own life and spiritual journey that the “lies” I choose to believe are my biggest problems.
    There are plenty of circumstances in my life to back up my feelings of rejection and inadequacy but God is working on that in me.
    Seems like it’s the same for most people I know.
    Most of the driving force in the world seems to be in one form or another are a response to or fear of rejection and abandonment.
    How sad it is that we spend so much time and energy on fear.

  4. This is a great post grace and one I wish you could expand upon via oprah,ellen,the view and nightline. As you said it is so amazingly prevalent among everyone the underlying fears of rejection and abandonment. Could you expand a bit, hopefully in another post hint hint , on why they become such strongholds and why they block us from realizing the everpresent love of God???


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