Frankly, My Dear…

Well, you know the rest . . .

And I mean it in the nicest way.


I – having blogged with idealistic fervor for over four years – really don’t care how you do church. I don’t want to be one of the voices implying that there is one ultimately true and correct way to be the church together.

From one end of the spectrum to the other,

-small to big,
-informal to formal,
-spontaneous to liturgical,
-house to cathedral,
-traditional to missional,
-you know I could go on and on,

wherever you fit in,

I hope that you find Life in your relationships and gathering.


11 thoughts on “Frankly, My Dear…

  1. about the only thing I care about is whether or not it is abusive. If it is – go find something else – anything else. I’m with you….whatever that “else” is, I care not.

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