Home is Where Your Heart is Safe

I recently spent a few days with my parents, a rare few days that were just me and them in the home where I grew up.  I can’t even remember when that last happened.  It seems that for so many decades my visits to them involved packing everyone and all of their stuff into the van for a road trip.  This time, it was just me and my overnight bag.

Supposedly I was there to help, but instead it seemed like I landed briefly in a protected haven of simplicity and acceptance.  It was good for my soul.

A few glimpses of what going home was like…

  • A cheery good morning hug from mom as I stumbled into the kitchen looking for coffee.
  • Starting the day with the daily sudoku and crossword.  Dad made a copy for each of us from the paper.
  • Apple crisp.
  • Devotions from Our Daily Bread after dinner.
  • Washing the plastic bread bags and aluminum foil when doing dishes.
  • Playing board games in the evening.

They say you can’t go back, but once in awhile it sure is nice to visit.


9 thoughts on “Home is Where Your Heart is Safe

  1. What a beautiful image of home. I wish mine was the same, for me it just wasn’t. The challenge for me was to create the home you describe, a safe landing that my daughters know, and always come back to. I always good to come back here.Peace…Ron+

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