Independence Day: Pledging Our Allegiance


20 thoughts on “Independence Day: Pledging Our Allegiance

  1. I think the top one would be a little better if Jesus’ blue eyes sparkled too.

    (I deleted this one. It was just too annoying.)

  2. I wish I could be an American!!! You guys must be full of pride!!!! God has indeed blessed America it’s your manifest destiny … go ye into all the world and establish a McDonalds in EVERY country and then the obesity shall come.

  3. The irony is that while Christ came to set us free from nationalistic religion we’ve made him its chief proponent. He’s the poster boy for all our vices.

  4. I just read this and posted it on twitter…

    The “freedom of the children of God” as Paul calls it, is quite different than any freedom maintained by arms and money.

    – Richard Rohr

  5. OMG.

    The scary thing is although they look like caricatures, they are not. They are for real.

    This one had me on the floor. It is for real too. And this picture posted by a blogger who poses a great question: Is this a great painting, or the greatest painting? Hilarious.

  6. This makes Northern Irish Christianity look simply pietistic when compared to yours.Mind you we also have the for God and Ulster brigade.In fact come to think of it it’s probably our fault you guys have this stuff – we exported it into the Appalacians etc when we Ulster Scots emigrated there!Davy Crockett,Daniel Boone ,Andrew Jackson’s folks were from good old Ulster!On behalf of my tribe I apologise!

  7. In the words of Woody Guthrie


    mermaid avenue tour

    Let's have Christ for President.
    Let us have him for our King.
    Cast your vote for the Carpenter
    that you call the Nazarene.

    The only way we can ever beat
    these crooked politician men
    Is to run the money changers out of the temple
    And put the Carpenter in

    O It's Jesus Christ for president
    God above our king
    With a job and a pension for young and old
    We will make hallelujah ring

    Every year we waste enough
    to feed the ones who starve
    We build our civilization up
    and we shoot it down with wars

    But with the Carpenter on the seat
    away up in the capital town
    The USA would be on the way prosperity bound!

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