TULIP or BEERS: Perseverence of the Saints

It has been a busy but good week. There is much interesting discussion on the other posts to catch up on, but first, l should (finally) finish with the P in TULIP.

Many thanks to my friend Bill for the ideal image for this series of posts!

Perseverence of the Saints

Since God has determined who will get saved and they cannot resist His call, they are unconditionally and eternally secure in that election. Therefore, those who have been chosen to be saved will always stay saved. They cannot resist or lose their salvation. There are no exceptions to the rule. As a result, the Christian has “eternal security.” Since there was nothing a person could do to get saved in the first place, there is nothing he can do to lose his salvation.
(according to biblehelp.org)


Salvation is a relationship, not a transaction. Relationships ebb and flow, grow and change. They are not either “in effect” or “void”. Our reconciliation to Christ is accomplished and complete. Our salvation – the degree to which we are rescued from our brokenness – is an ongoing work of the Spirit’s transformation of our hearts. This is a lifelong process, not a one-time deal.

Shalom is the peace that results from healing in our lives, the rest that comes as our hearts are made whole. Shalom, wholeness, the defeat of sin and brokenness in our life occurs incrementally as we learn to live in the freedom available to us. As we grow in truth and understanding, we oppose the lies of the enemy and the disfiguring shame that has alienated us from the love of the Father. This is salvation, our deliverance and restoration from the pain of sin. Our relationship with the Father can and should be one of progressive peace and wholeness.


Is it possible to walk away from a relationship of knowing and being known?  It seems more likely to me that one would abandon a religion than a real relationship with the Father.  Wherever someone is at in this journey, an ever-increasing knowledge of God (knowing Him, not facts about Him) is what salvation is all about.

It seems like “are you saved?” isn’t really the right question to begin with.


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