• Like many people, our family is shifting gears from school schedule to summer schedule. Which for me mainly means coming up with reasons why my kids should be out of bed before noon and pitch in a bit with the house and yard work without sounding like I’m nagging.
  • My girls should have been done with school in the middle of May (homeschool), but I let them set their own pace as the year drew to a close.  When June 1 arrived and they still weren’t done, I let them know they would not have a life until they finished school.  As the weekend approached, with the possibility of not going out, they became motivated and were done by Saturday.
  • That is the end of over 8 years of homeschooling as a mom who said she would never homeschool.  It had its good points.  I’m not sure I would do it again if I had it to do over.  Maybe.

We had to turn the furnace on this weekend.  But first we had to deal with the critter that we heard crawling in the furnace chimney the previous week.  And my husband was out of town.

Getting cold and brave, I ventured into the utility room.  Brought my 19 year old son along to go for help if something happened.

Checking it out, I realized that the solution was going to be to stick my hand blindly up the chimney to discover what was there.  The possibilities were a bat, a mouse, a snake (ewwww!!!), a bird, or something else.  And we didn’t know for sure if the critter was dead or alive, but I was hoping for dead.

  • It has been unseasonably cold here for the last couple of weeks.  It is only 40 this morning.
  • Speaking of dead, the dog that used to chase me when I walk died unexpectedly.

We are expecting guests tomorrow, my first IRL meeting of a blog friend.  Unless they chicken out have a change of plans.  It seemed like a good idea when we were talking about it.

My kids think it is strange.  One of my daughters asked if they would be staying at the house.  When I told her they weren’t, she said, “Oh good!  That would be so creepy!”

Since her room is usually the guest room for overnight company, she was concerned.  Not that they would rob and pillage the place in the middle of the night.  I don’t really think Dan and Jane are like that.  :)

  • I am in the throes of planning a 50th wedding anniversary for my parents.  It seems all of my summer plans are on hold until “after the anniversary” which is now less than two weeks away.
  • My ReallyBigNumber highschool reunion is at the end of the summer.  I haven’t decided if I will go.

I’ve been reading C. Baxter Krueger. Listening to Greg Boyd and Wayne Jacobsen when I walk.  I would like to listen to the free Eugene Peterson download too.  I might have to walk more.

I am enamored with the New Testament lately, all of it.  I think I’ll post more about that later this week or next.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I would like to post a little bit about where I am at the moment with church, gathering, and fellowship. I haven’t said much about that lately. Mostly just letting the dust settle.

  • Some of my friends launched a new website this weekend for spiritual wanderers and dreamers, Communitas Collective. Check it out. I haven’t joined yet, but I will if they’ll have me.
  • Barb Orlowski, who created a website with her doctoral dissertation on spiritual abuse asked that an announcement be posted that the information that is currently available on her website will soon be removed for publication.  Visit www.churchexiters.com before it is too late!
  • Tomorrow there will be a couple of questions posted to Frank Viola as part of his book blog tour. Let me know what you think.

Back to the critter in the chimney, remember we could not see IT and did not know what IT was…

Hearing screaming, the kids and their friends came running. I ended up with a room full of teenagers and young adults in the utility room ready to help, although some of them only contributed to the screaming.

After several failed attempts to remove IT (believe me, IT was huge and furry), my son finally extracted a scrawny dead blackbird from the chimney and waved it in our faces as he went to get rid of it.

That’s all I have for a Monday morning.

What’s new with you?


10 thoughts on “Random

  1. Grace,
    Dan and Jane are lucky to get to meet you IRL. Can’t wait for Imbi and my turn. (We are just going to have to make it happen.)

    I LOVED this post. And I have no earthly idea why. Perhaps it was the fun peak inside your life.

  2. did you know that I run a chimney sweep company? Here is some unasked for advice then….Have a good certified sweep come out and clean your flue and put a stainless steel cap on the top with an animal guard. And PLEASE don’t ever reach up there blindly again. A momma racoon won’t be as gracious as the dead bird was ;) and a dead momma racoon is just plain gross – trust me….

  3. Grace … love this rambling post. Reminds me a bit of … my life. Except that I have also said that I would never home school … and still haven’t. Although, I guess there is still time — my children are young. No … we have an excellent public school system where we live and all my children have had wonderful teachers and administrators … and it has been hard enough on my children for me to be “pastor” — let’s not add “school teacher” to that list!

  4. sounds like a lovely weekend. at the least the blackbird wasn’t alive. your son should still wash his hands (a bit late to say that now, eh? but what rhetorical advice it is anyway)

    i am really looking forward to Franks Q&A, that ought to be great. if only he were coming to Tokyo…

    If anyone is interested in debating the New Testament, we have a fella who is visiting our blog (i should say stalking) to see if he can get us somewhere. he won’t break down and say he just wont believe it because it records miracles, but you can read into it. anyone wanna hop over and throw a few punches? its awful fun. mostly historical reliability though. a bit dry.

    anywho, kudos to the mom who said yes to homeschooling when all instincts said otherwise and, in the same vein, blindly sticks her hands up chimneys in search of adventure. we venture in blindly and our children pull out the goods.

    …now if i can just get my wife to homeschool too…

  5. bill,
    I look forward to the day that I get to meet my Canadian friends. I may have to get a passport one of these days.

    Thanks for the info! We decided that this episode rivaled a previous bunny-in-the-dryer-vent incident that occurred many years ago. That one required the “skillz” of myself and all of the children, who were much younger at the time.

    Every family knows what is best for them as far as homeschooling. I would be the last to tell someone that they should do it. I don’t believe that we can know that for another family.

    I understand your comment on the post about Frank’s book. While I appreciate his research and many of his conclusions, it frustrates me that he makes the experience of this seem elusive.

    That is one of the reasons for my current interest in Greg Boyd and Wayne Jacobsen. They both make the message of life in the kingdom extremely accessible and practical.

    LOL! We hid the knives just in case.

  6. I am soooo behind in reading blogs that I’m just seeing this now.

    May I second the advice of Barb … I had visions of one of you being bitten by an angry something-or-other (racoon, bat, rat, squirrel, badger).

    Listening might make walking tolerable … I’ll have to think about that.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you IRL someday … and I promise no pillaging of the silver or anything else. ;-)

  7. P.S. My kids did their own pace this year too. They will not finish this summer, but instead have chosen year round schooling. They are not entirely happy with this choice, but understand that it is what happens when you try to fool mom.

  8. dead blackbird sounds like the best case scenario!
    and what’s new with me? jury duty! it wasn’t that great and i never got to actually be on a jury.

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