The pouring out of the spirit on earth is the presence, in our sphere, of the sheer energy of heaven itself. The gift of the spirit is thus the direct result of the ascension of Jesus. Because he is the Lord of all, his energy, the power to be and do something quite new, is available through the spirit to all who call on him, all who follow him, all who trust him.
– NT Wright

Discipleship (from spiritual awakening, conversion, to maturity) is birthed in the Spirit, but it is also very much maintained in the Spirit. And while there are other forms of learning, discipleship involves a growth into the “deep things of God” (1Cor. 2:10) and this simply cannot be achieved without the ongoing role of the Holy Spirit.

As such, we partake of the divine dance that is intrinsic to the life of God. And we share in the divine life through the Spirit. In other words, Christian life must be lived for the glory of God, under the saving lordship of Jesus, and in the power of the Spirit. Biblical discipleship is Trinitarian or it is not biblical.

– Deb and Alan Hirsch, excerpt from Untamed


6 thoughts on “Pentecost

  1. A dance. I always liked that description; reminds me of Lewis.

    May we ever celebrate the Presence of God given us at Pentecost, daily, moment by moment, thankfully, joyfully.

  2. The immanence of God ( the Kingdom within) is the revelation that got Yeshua killed by the sacrificial based cult of Yahweh of the Second Temple period..Now that He is within no need for a priesthood to instruct us in the way of faith.If that’s not good news I don’t know what is!!!

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