There Is No One Like Our God


15 thoughts on “There Is No One Like Our God

  1. american idol is about 5 weeks behind here in japan, so i knew he won, but did he do this on the show? good to have Christian artists showing their stuff.

  2. I’m glad that I didn’t spoil it for you James. He didn’t do this on the show, in fact, it wasn’t widely known that he was a christian or a worship leader. This clip is from his church in Arkansas.

  3. I believe Danny Gokey [who came 3rd] is a worship leader too…
    me? I loved and prefered Adam’s originality LOL
    maybe I’m a rebel
    but I know that God loves me and Adam :-)

  4. I actually thought Kris was very original and talented, and I liked him best before I knew he was Christian :) But i think it’s a taste issue, Adam and Kris do quite different kind of music! Adam’s a rock dude =) Danny is a worship leader too.. As a non-American I thought it was quite cool there were two christians in the top three.. and God certainly loves all three of them :)

  5. thing is – Adam’s not just a rock dude – which is why I like him…
    on my Multiply site I have videos of him singing semi-opera, in a fantastic voice, from the musical Brigadoon, and also 2 duets he sang in Hebrew [he is Jewish], in a fantastic voice, with a female singer [also with a fantastic voice].
    His rendition of Tracks of My Tears and Mad World on A.I. were not rock…
    so, it’s his versatility and the strength of his voice that I felt made him the most talented…
    [but of course, he was not the most safe or the most non-controversial contestant].

  6. Smudge – it does come down to differences in taste :) (in which people differ, what we like and value etc.)

    A friend of mine here also really liked Adam. He’s a lot more her style in music in general too. I didn’t watch the whole series, it is a generalisation but I don’t think Kris is rock star material, Adam is. Not said he couldn’t do other things! :) Jason Mraz is one of my favourite artists so that kind of describes my likes in music in general..

    ps. we might also have different associations with the word “rock” :)

  7. perhaps we do have different associations with the word ‘rock’ then … :)
    I have always known it to be up-tempo and not pop or musicals or opera or Hebrew peace songs LOL

    bottom line I think it’s not quite accurate to describe him as a rock dude – that is all I was saying…as he is much more [not just my opinion, but that of many others]
    but if you haven’t heard his other stuff, then how would you know…
    here’s a link to my video pages with the songs I referred to on
    there’s 2 slower ones of his on this page [including one from The Ten Commandments musical he was in] and more on the previous

  8. Smudge – I didn’t mean rock as simply musically, but more the culture, attitude etc..and although he would sing semi-opera etc. generally i’d say he’s more “rock” than any type of pop. How could I say..He is not so commercial as associated with pop music. His whole voice and persona etc. doing opera etc. just adds to that. I think he is more rock idol than pop idol. It’s not a negative thing to me. If I have to categorise that’s how I would simply put it – to me he is more rock than pop, which does not mean he would not sing or do other type of music than rock, or a bad thing. simply how I see his voice, singing style etc. Choosing to sing something like Crying from Aerosmith was very Adam I thought.

    I do understand you wanting to point out he’s done other than rock music. (I had actually seen his Hebrew singing on youtube before)

    I look forward to seeing what they all get up to in the future!

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