Reflecting the Kingdom

Moving on…but first, let me point you to Bill Kinnon’s post on the latest absurdity.

I came across a link to this post on twitter.  The thoughts expressed remind me of what I was trying to convey in my post Missional in the Moment.

The words of Matthew 5 are Jesus’ teaching on the coming of the Kingdom of God, now.  Rather than a totally future event, I found it exhilarating to realize everything I do, say and think has potential to let the Kingdom come, in and through me.  The smallest kindness and smallest bit of holiness, echoing the character of Christ is the Kingdom of God, now.

Sometimes the BIG stuff taking extreme efforts or the character of famous Christians seems so impossible to reach for but I can reach for the small stuff, every day, day in and day out.  Once aware, we can consistently choose to be pathways for heaven to come to earth, a little bit at a time.

Update: I just came across this post by Mark in my reader. Read more here.

Lord, let us see glimpses of the Kingdom in the mundane … Open our eyes that we may see that the Kingdom of God is here.


3 thoughts on “Reflecting the Kingdom

  1. Thanks for posting this Grace.

    The idea of God working through the mundane has been simmering in my head since your Jan 08 post that said something like, “God is getting ready to do something really, really small.”

    Ironically mind-blowing.

  2. Wow, Bill’s got a few things to say today….really stirring the pot…its the long Canadian winters that has him all bentley out shape. If he had spent some time in Florida a little while back he might be feeling a lot better. ;-).

    I like the kingdom in the mundane concept and I loved that quote that Dave alluded to. I think that when we do small things we’re not noticed, but God is.

  3. Dave and David,
    And it will be an incredible alternative to the existing Christian witness of celebrity, fame, publicity, and influence through power.

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