Additional Thoughts on From Eternity to Here

This book is important to Frank, and his desire is that people who read it would experience a greater revelation of Christ.

Does he tend toward over-enthusiasm and hyperbole? Yes, but he seems to do so out of eager zeal and passion.

As with Frank’s other books, I found that while I generally agree with the overall message of the book, I wish at times that the message was expressed differently.  My biggest struggle with this book was with language that communicated lack and frustration in God –

  • Jesus, A Lonely Bachelor? – “the most frustrated lover in the universe”
  • A Homeless God? – “homesick tears, bags packed, searching for a home”

Descriptions like this were a distraction from Frank’s main message that creation was a result of the abundance of God’s love.

A quote from the book With that I reviewed last week:

Creation was not the desperate act of a lonely deity.  “Let us make humankind in our image” was not the impulse of a God who longed for the experience of love and worship.  We were not born into the world for the purpose of providing what our creator lacks.

Frank does speak of our invitation to share in the love, communion, and fellowship of the trinity in other parts of the book in ways that counter the picture of loneliness he painted.

The purpose of the church – to be an active participant in the impenetrable mystery of the trinity, to be an echo of the unfailing love that circulates with the godhead…a new humanity on earth that reflects the community of the godhead.

What is His grand mission?  To expand the life and love of the trinity, to increase the fellowship of the Godhead and reflect it on earth.

I believe that you will find that this book is solid and foundational in the majority of the truth and insight it represents concerning the people of God. Whether you agree with everything in the book or Frank’s other books, this one will definitely expand your understanding of God’s purpose for the church. A few thoughts to whet your interest…

Part 1 – The Bride of Christ

This section contains wonderful thoughts about God’s unconditional love for us and how He sees us in Christ.  Well-written and so important for anyone who needs a greater revelation of this truth.

He is looking for a people who see themselves as He sees them.

In seeing His greatness, she begins to understand just who she is and how highly He esteems her.  The upshot is that she begins to bear His image and reflect His glory in visible form.

Part 2 – The House of God

This section really impressed upon me the intensity of God’s desire for a dwelling place and the reality of God’s presence within our relationships.

God’s ageless purpose is to dwell on earth with human beings.

The burning intent of your God is that all of His living stones be built together with other living stones to form His house.

Part 3 – The Body of Christ and The Family of God

The final section encourages a true understanding of our identity as the Body of Christ and Family of God so that we can be a witness to the world of the reality of life under the reign of God and participate in His kingdom activity in the earth.

The body of Christ is not a metaphor. Christ and the church are a single reality. Jesus Christ inhabits a body, and we are it. The church is the actual body of Christ present in the world, His physical presence on the planet.

From eternity, God wanted a family, a visible expression in His creation.

The church is the community of believers who possess divine life, that lives under the kingship of Christ, that is living by the life of God’s kingdom and expressing it together…the family of god, the visible image of the triune god, his family on earth in reality.

The thoughts that I’ve shared don’t scratch the surface of the ideas as they are explored in the book. I believe that you will receive greater revelation and be enriched by this journey through Scripture as Frank shines a light on God’s ultimate mission — a people who embody the bride, the house, the body, and the family – because of their revelation of the Bridegroom, the Cornerstone, the Head, and the Firstborn.

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As I said, you can order the book at a discount from Parable.
Read more about the book here.
Visit Frank’s ministry website here or his blog here.


3 thoughts on “Additional Thoughts on From Eternity to Here

  1. There is nothing wrong with From Eternity to Here. The book is perfect. Well, at least 99.9% perfect. The only sadness I experience is the lack of action. What I see, what I hear, what I get when I read, anywhere, with everything, is words, words, words, and more words. Everyone is talking, blogging, writing, commenting, ad infinitum, but who is DOING anything about it? I’d follow someone who knows what they are DOING, but I don’t see or hear about anyone DOING anything. It’s all just words and more words and more comments and more blogs and more notes and more and more and more. Isn’t Christianity about doing what we believe and not merely talking about it? Doesn’t it say something in the book of James about doing the good works not just saying, “be thou warmed”? Point me please to where the right people are DOING what needs to be done to make the community described in FHTE a reality. Just point me. I can walk. Thank you.

  2. Robert,
    If you re-read the post, you will see that I very much liked Frank’s book.

    The action is right outside your front door, just like it’s right outside my front door, in the relationships that we develop with other believers and with those who don’t yet know Jesus.

    You won’t find a person to follow on a blog. Listen to the Spirit as He leads and directs you into relationship with others in the Body and into acts of love and service that allow you to participate in what God is doing in your realm today.

  3. I have a copy of FETH. It’s in the queue of books that are patiently waiting for me to read them.

    I’ll post a review as soon as I read it. I’m currently reading Dating Jesus, then I’m on to Todd Hunter’s first published book, Christianity Beyond Beliefs, and then I will absolutely read Viola’s book. This will be my first Viola book to read. Of course I’ll blog a review. You know it, though I doubt it will be as indepth as yours is. Girl, you are an amazing reader!

    (and when my book comes out I am totally sending you a copy!)

    pps: are you on shapevine yet? go see the hilarious video i posted on there. two minutes long. you’ll get a kick out of it. a LOL kick. yep.

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