With: A True Story

The author, John Stahl-Wert says:

With: A True Story is a collection of stories from my mother Mary’s family, and it is wrapped in a reflection about how God is entirely with us. In time, we come to understand that the journey to God is a journey into God; it is a journey of depth rather than a journey of distance, the very best.

From the endorsements (including an endorsement by Eugene Peterson):

unpretentious, intimate, artful…

In considering how to describe this little (under 70 pages) book, I find these descriptions very appropriate. The truth of God’s love is threaded so unpretentiously into the stories that the reader can drink deeply of these truths in a context that frames them in the realism of family relationships and the struggles and joys that life entails.

With would make a great gift book (maybe Father’s Day) because of its ability to profoundly communicate love and truth in such a simple and non-religious way. After reading this book, you will likely think of people who would be encouraged by it, especially if there is someone in your life who is closed to traditional ways of hearing the gospel message. While it is relevant for both young and old, I can imagine it really touching the older generation.

You can read more about the book on this website, including sample chapters. Reading Chapter 2 will give you a good example of the richness and depth woven into the telling of these family stories.


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